Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of entering Emissary Pageants International Congress?

EPIC is so much more than just a pageant! Its your opportunity to grow your confidence, practice life skills such as interviewing, public speaking and presenting yourself in front of an audience. These are skills that give you a competitive edge to succeed for your future. Aside from the experiences, scholarships and prizes, you will create lifelong friendships as you join our sisterhood and memories for life!

Is previous pageant experience required?

Absolutely not. Every delegate is capable of doing well and being crowned as a state or national queen with EPIC. We are here to help you as you prepare for pageant weekend. We are not looking for a specific “type” of delegate to represent us. We are looking for confidence, poise and passion from each delegate that represents her state. First time or hundredth time your enthusiasm makes you a terrific delegate and wonderful representative of your hometown, state or country!

Is Emissary Pageants International Congress a “beauty” pageant?

Not in the traditional sense. While all of our delegates are beautiful, our delegates are chosen on the basis of 5 required areas of competition. 25% of the score comes from their personality, communication skills, and confidence during their Interview, 20% from her poise and presentation during the Formal Wear, 20% on personality, communication and confidence in Casual Wear/Introduction, and 15% from a one minute video presentation of their personal platform or community service work and 20% from their highest scoring optional showing us what makes them unique. While we love a little glamor, we are looking deeper within to see what beauty is in the heart of our delegates. All of the scoring in our pageant is based on personality, confidence, communication, leadership and service. These are the things we value and are what we recognize and encourage. Braces, glasses, skin problems, varying heights, weights and appearances, are all a part of what makes you beautiful and unique!

What are the Residency Requirements?

Participants in all EPIC events must meet Emissary Pageant’s International Congress’s residency requirements found HERE.

Do I have to get “coaching”?

No! Our delegate handbook and training from our experienced and professional staff, provide you with a solid foundation to create your own style. Rehearsals on pageant weekend to ensure that you are prepared when it’s your time to take the stage!

Do you have formal dress rules?

There is no specific color or styles required. The dress you select should make you feel confident and be age appropriate. We usually recommend choosing colors that make you feel happy and styles that flatter your best features and allow you to move comfortably. All dresses should fall to the tip of the toe or graze the ground when you walk.

Are the personal interviews one-on-one?

Yes, interviews will be one-on-one with each judge. You will have approximately 1-2 minutes with each judge and rotate until you have had a chance to talk with each judge. You will only be asked questions appropriate to your age group. All questions will be open-ended allowing you to provide substantial answers. This is one of the more formative parts of competition allowing delegates to experience what it is like to interview for a job or with the press.

If I choose not to enter Optional Competitions, will it affect my chances of winning the overall pageant?
YES! Your highest scoring Optional Competition(20%) is part of your over all score. This means you must compete in at least one Optional Competition and it is included in your National Competition Package Fee. You may choose to compete in more but only one is required. You may choose from a wide variety of Optional Competitions to find one that suits your unique gifts (Community Service, Scholar/Resume, Photogenic, High Fashion, Talent, Spokesmodel, Fitness/Swim, Portfolio, Studio Model, State/National Costume, Commercial Acting, Dramatic Acting, Roundtable Discussion, Author, Journalist) Each Optional Competition is an opportunity for you to shine and be recognized as well as a chance to optimize your opportunity for a higher score.

Do I have to raise my fees with sponsors or can we just pay it ourselves?
It is completely up to you. Do what best works for you. Remember your State Appointed Title fee is $299 (after 1/1/2024 – $450) and your Nationals Competition Package Fee is $1150. These fees represent you entire expense to include an optional competition of your choice. Any additional sponsor contributions exceeding that can go towards any costs that are pageant related. We offer both recruiting and ad sails opportunities to enable you to raise funds with us.

How do I get sponsors?

The best place to start is where you do business. Hair, nail and tanning salons, dry cleaners, as well as, local stores and businesses are perfect first asks, etc. Make an appointment and dress professional when you visit. Talking with sponsors is great practice for the interview phase of competition. Most sponsors will ask questions about the pageant. Be prepared by knowing all about the competition format and ideals. Your sponsors also receive recognition in the yearbook on your spotlight page which makes any contributions made towards your fees from a business tax deductible! Ad pages are also tax deductible as an advertising expense.

Do I have to sell ads?

No, selling ad is not required. You will be given the opportunity to sell ads to both receive special awards and help offset your pageant expenses. 50% of ad sales goes to the delegate’s account to cover pageant expenses. This is a great opportunity for you highlight your hometown and community businesses. You will receive information on yearbook advertising and awards that are available.

Do I have to stay at the host hotel?

You are not required to stay at the pageant’s host hotel. However, EPIC does set up a special discounted block for delegates and their families. Rates include parking, WIFI, and other amenities like hotel airport shuttles. With a busy pageant schedule, it is worth taking advantage of the low rate and being right there in the heart of it all. Spend your time relaxing, having fun and making new friends rather than commuting.

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