National Winner Requirements

We want to keep girls actively competeing without missing a year but ask them to honor the title they have been given in the process. That means making appearances in the EPIC Crown and Banner during their entire reign. We encourage National Winners to compete in state pageants during the state pageant season so they can be prepared for the following national pageant season. We do not mind overlapping titles and will work with delegates who’s pending national pageant has a overlap of 90 days or less. If a National Winner has the desire to enter a pageant in another system, we ask they consult with the National Office before entering/participating. Fair, festival, community and charity pageants are additional ways National Winners can continue to sharpen their skills while reigning.

​Under contract National Winners must abide by the following rules/regulations:

  1. Must maintain a professional reputation on all social media platforms. In fitting with the standards maintained by Emissary Pageants International Congress, parents of National winners must do the same.
  2. Must attend at least the finals for their state pageant for the following year, if applicable. We recommend all National Winners attend as many state and local competitions throughout their reign as possible. Remember the more you put into your reign the more you get out of it. National Winners must dress appropriately when attending ANY state/local or national pageant finals.
  3. ​Must maintain a professional pageant appearance at all times for all appearances related to Emissary Pageants International Congress. This includes hair, make-up, and clothing.     
  4. Must attend the all of Nationals the following year to pass the title to the next winner. Remaining scholarship and prizes will be given to all divisional winners completing their full year reign. 

Emissary Pageants International Congress

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