Meet Pamela

From Louisiana meet, Pamela Trahan Valentine. Pamela’s favorite quote is something she once said as part of an answer to an on-stage question. “Your fails in life today are just positive changes for tomorrow.”

She firmly believes that if you fail in something look for the lesson, make changes and try again. So don’t look at failing as a bad thing, failing is just a way to learn and grow. Through struggles, unexpected hardships and sacrifices it took Pamela 10 years to obtain her bachelor’s degree in business administration. She considers that degree one of her prized possessions. When others went out and enjoyed their 20s, Pamela stayed home to study. When she walked across the stage and received her diploma, she felt accomplished and ready to take on the next challenge. Pamela has several goals like completing her master’s degree in information management technology and then pursuing her MBA. Many people may not know that when Pamela was younger, she had a passion for dance which led her to an opportunity of dancing during the Super Bowl 31 Halftime show.

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