Meet Serenity

From Texas, meet Jr Miss United States Emissary, 16 year old, Serenity Bradlin Nevaeh Spohn. Serenity lives by the motto, “It’s not the crown you wear but the difference you make while wearing the crown.”

Serenity’s favorite designers have a large range from Michael Kors to Wrangler. Her current favorite dress designer is Jonathan Kayne. Serenity has a heart for children and wants to help them in whatever field she chooses. She plans to attend Texas Tech university and major in psychology. Serenity does not keep a lot of secrets so if you have spoken to her you’ve probably known about her rare disease mastocytosis. She loves the kids show, Bluey.

Platform: See Another Sunrise

As our society struggles with the normalization of bullying Serenity is determined to be an advocate for those who are victimized. She wants to empower them to recognize that the mistreatment they face does not define their worth as individuals. Keeping her main focus in this initiative on children’s mental health and suicide prevention. 

You can donate to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and get resources at

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