Each delegate invests financially in a pageant journey. We know many pageants simply take money from anyone regardless of their chances to win. We don’t believe this is fair. As we embark on setting a new standard in pageantry, we want each delegate coming to the national pageant to be competitive. To this end, we put each delegate through a selection process in preparation for the national pageant. If your state has a state pageant, that is your selection process. If your state does not, delegates are evaluated through the State Appointed Delegate Process.

State Appointed Delegate Process – Each area you are asked for is very intentional and was included to help evaluate your ability to compete within your division at the national level. We do accept beginners and first-timers! Think of this as a mock or virtual pageant with the opportunity to gain valuable feedback you can use to win the National Crown!

Applicants are scored on the following. The National/International Office will contact you to offer you a Virtual Interview time to complete your scoring.

  • 20% Headshot – poise, presentation, personality
  • 20% Introduction Video – 30-seconds, communication skills, personality, and confidence
  • 15% Platform/Service Hours – showcase your service work in a 1-minute video presentation
  • 20% Resume – uniqueness and personality
  • 25% Virtual Interview – personality, communication, and confidence


  • We encourage you to take a little time to prepare before submitting your application. Please have all content ready to upload upon submission. The form will not save if you exit and come back.
  • Google is great for inspiration! You can find sample introductions, service or platform videos, headshots, resumes, and more! Be sure to include the word pageant in your searches and don’t copy someone else’s work exactly!
  • “Professional” production is not necessary for videos. We want to know the real you. Good light, a blank wall and your cellphone are fine for videos. Feel free to be creative but don’t let production overshadow the real you.
  • Resumes should include all your work, service and extra curricular involvement and successes.
  • Videos should be uploaded to a video sharing service of your choice (public on a social media, YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). They should be hosted such that you can share a link in you application.

Minimum Score Policy

All Emissary Pageants International Congress pageants are competitive. EPIC has a policy of not being a “crown-all” pageant. Delegates in divisions with only one competitor must make a minimum score of 80% to be crowned. Appointed Delegates from states with no state pageant must submit to the application and interview process. Appointed Delegates with an application score of 80 to 100% are eligible to be awarded a State Title and compete at Nationals. Appointed Delegates with an application score of 0 to 79% will not be eligible to compete at the national pageant. They will be given information on where they can grow and improve and be asked to apply again the following year.

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