Pageant Myths

Scanning the Yahoo message boards after the new Miss USA was crowned, and I was not really surprised as to what I found. We thought we’d clear up a few things, for people who don’t really understand pageants…

MYTH: “I love how all of the other contestants look happy for the winner. Backstage, they’re all super mad.”

TRUTH: Not true. As pageants contestant ourselves, everyone who has beaten us has 100% deserved it. You go into these competitions knowing that no matter how many women are there, only one can win. It could be you but it could also be the girl standing next to you.


MYTH: “It’s sad that women have to be brainwashed into wearing so much makeup to think they’re beautiful.”

TRUTH: Do you know how bright the lights are on that stage? Most of the makeup is so that you don’t look washed out. And most of us prefer NOT wearing makeup. Many don’t wear very much at all on an everyday basis.


MYTH: “All of these women smoke, do drugs, sleep around, etc.”

TRUTH: Most don’t, actually. We know our reputations are on the line if anyone found out.


MYTH: “They’ve all had plastic surgery… boob jobs, Botox, etc.”

TRUTH: It’s true, some women have. But not all of us. Our director placed 2nd runner-up in Texas USOA in 2023, and she competed at 47 years old with just what God gave her. Size A chest and all. No Botox. No fillers and still working on straightening her smile with Byte aligners.

We at EPIC wish Noelia Voigt of Utah the very best as she begins her reign as the 72nd Miss USA. We know she will represent us well at Miss Universe.

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