Selecting a Coach

Pageant Coach Tammi encouraging Michalea.

Being in the pageant industry , we meet and get to know hundreds of “pageant coaches”.

Moms, do your RESEARCH! Ask questions , and really make sure they are the right fit for YOUR daughter.

💥 If they COMPARE your daughter to others ….. not your coach

💥 If they talk about other girls ….. not your coach

💥 If they surround themselves with gossip …. not your coach

💥 If they don’t FaceTime , call, text to check in on your daughter before and after pageants ….. not your coach

💥 If they bad mouth other coaches …..not your coach

💥 If they are demanding about their opinions …. not your coach

💥 If they are “too busy “ to respond to questions, emails ….. not your coach

💥 If they are not uplifting your daughter on AND off the stage …. not your coach

Mommas, the most important job you have in this lifetime ….. is being a momma. Protect her heart and surround her with UPLIFTING and Positive woman and leaders🩷

If you ever struggle with what type of coach she needs ….. reach out to me! I love helping empower young girls 🩷

Michelle Splawn Cromer, Facebook February 4, 2024

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