Share the Love!

Can we normalize clapping for EVERY contestant?

Even if you don’t know them.

Even if you DO know them.

Even if they’re your daughter’s competition.

Even if you don’t like their gown, or modeling style, or Momma.

Even if you think they’re not the winner.

Even if you think they ARE the winner.

Even if they’re not a kid – lots of women go to pageants alone!

It takes courage to willingly put yourself out there to be judged.

It also takes literally zero effort to slap your palms together a few times when someone is entering or exiting the stage.

Clapping for others doesn’t take anything away from your baby. Whether it’s the Little Miss Podunk pageant or Miss Universe, we should we clapping for EVERYONE. Period.

If you’re someone like me who claps for everyone, you know how saddening it is to see some contestants get CRICKETS when they walk on stage. This is for those who don’t recognize the importance of that simple act.

Ain’t no fam like your pageant family – so let’s clap for everyone so EVERYONE FEELS THE LOVE.

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