Soap box moment!

Shout out to the pageant moms! ❤️❤️❤️

Getting your girl to the top spots in any national system is WORK. It starts with winning the state pageant, which is a major accomplishment on its own. You have a team of (very expensive) people- walking coaches, interview coaches, hair and makeup stylist, headshot photographers, seamstresses, wardrobe designers, and more. Don’t forget to make great grades, community service, social media…You work and work and work for this week and hope it pays off! Praying your daughter does her best, the system is run well, the judges are fair, and prepare your heart for the worst just in case. IT. IS. GUT. WRENCHING.

You find your people in this crazy world and they become your family. You will spend the year together, constantly talking, getting advice, supporting each other, drinking cocktails. You live the stress of pageant week together, long days, late nights, EARLY mornings, running a million miles per minute to make sure you do your part to give your daughter everything she needs to succeed. Then you get to the final moment where your girl makes the top 15, then the top 5 and it’s hitting you that she could actually win. You can barely breath and just start focusing on sounds, or even the shape of the emcees mouth when they are about to speak. Some mommas shake, some start to cry, some sweat, some go completely still and squeeze someone’s hand for support. This moment is BRUTAL! The build up of emotion either releases into pure disappointment or explodes into one of the happiest days of your life. But either way, the bond this creates between contestants, moms, coaches, hair and makeup teams… it’s unreal! 

I’m so proud of the girls, but my heart will always be with the moms. You are the foundation of this sport and the behind-the-scenes heroes. Sure you get dramatic, a little crazy, say things you shouldn’t, question every move you’ve made, have weak moments, and sometimes trust the wrong people. YOU ARE HUMAN. But you are also the elite of moms that did everything possible to create this opportunity for your girl to live her dream. You aren’t in any pictures because you never make this moment about you. It’s the last thing you think about and you probably look a hot mess from not getting any sleep or having time for yourself. You should take more pictures of each other. These moments are special and don’t last forever. Take a moment to mark the time so that you will be part of your daughter’s memories years from now! ❤️

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