The Most Overrated Advice in Pageantry

This is an unpopular take but here it goes…being “relatable” is overrated.

Historically, pageants were created to promote tourism and economic growth across regions. This encouraged pageant organizations to seek out the most captivating women in the world that they felt would also be well liked by the public and encourage onlookers to invest in their country’s economy. Today, this idea is still prevalent in the industry.   

Over the years, we have seen a shift in the way pageant organizations do community outreach and gain new supporters thanks to the rise of social media. Consequently, what has been magnified as a result is the excessive social pressure that comes with becoming a titleholder. In an effort to appear more likeable, it’s possible that you may feel the need to filter your personality online to avoid becoming a victim of societies rampant cancel culture. Even to the point of suppressing your sincere thoughts and perspective…

But is “being relatable” worth compromising yourself? 

A few months ago, there was this trend going around social media where people would react to the contestants of the Miss Universe organization, shouting their introductions and recreate it in a satirical way. The response was incredible, I even saw one video on YouTube that reached 112 million views.  

While this trend was seemingly lighthearted and admittedly…. a little funny, I couldn’t help but think about how the backlash may have only furthered the pre-existing stereotypes about pageant women. It’s no secret that women in pageants are often written off by society as only being valued for their looks, while their thoughts and accomplishments are overshadowed I could literally write a whole book in response to this idea!

Ironically, despite the pageant industry’s efforts to “get with the times” and be more “relatable” to the modern woman, much of society still fails to see the relevance of pageants.   

Here’s the thing. You can’t relate to everyone, but you can make deeper connections with people that truly value you and resonate with your message. 

To put it simply, you aren’t for everyone and that’s ok!

Which is why, you will constantly hear me speak out against perfectionism and this idea that you have to “get permission” to become influential. The truth is that building a memorable platform and brand requires you to do things differently. The people in your tribe will have genuine interest in supporting you, even if you don’t have everything in common. 

And for those people that aren’t your flavor.. they can mind the business that pays them!

If it was simply about “fitting in” and everyone liking you, then way more people would have wildly successful and recognizable brands.    

The hard thing to do is stand out, while highlighting the best aspects of your personality, unique message and contribution to your community, which is exactly what I am here to help you to do!

Courtesy of: Dianne Wilson, Suited to Reign

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