The competition will bring out either the best side of you or the worst side.

If you’re secure and mentally strong competition will hone your skills and make you stronger.

Seeing people succeed should motivate you to do better and keep progressing.

Only insecure people think competition is not healthy because they keep telling themselves that others don’t deserve what they have earned.

Competition breeds competence.

Competition is not the problem.

Competition will help you grow.

It’s your refusal to acknowledge that you have work to do that is holding you back.

Your will to outperform others comes from a genuine desire to improve yourself.

You can’t go wrong.

When it comes to insecurity and jealousy, you’re not going to do right.

You’re missing the point it’s not about the ones winning.

You’re scared of competition.

Competition itself is not bad but because you haven’t accepted your shortcomings and worked on them you are not seeing the results others are.

You won’t always be the best at everything you do but you can still give it your all and learn from those outperforming you instead of envying them.

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