Hollywood Got Pageantry Wrong!

Miss Congeniality, Drop Dead Georgeous, Dumplin’… Every pageant movie in history has got it all wrong! While we pageant girls LOVE those amazing actresses Sandra, Kirsten and Jennifer portray pageantry as both petty and catty. Leading the world to believe that pageant girls are empty headed drama queens ready to pull each other’s hair out with vanity and jealousy. Not at all the case!

Just check out this 2023 image of Ellie Breaux’s announcement as the winner at the Miss Texas America Pageant. This is the perfect example of how pageant girls support each other. They are all ugly crying with Ellie and celebrating her win! Every last girl spent more than a year preparing for this moment serving in their communities and knowing only one would be selected. Their dreams are bigger than you can imagine and as a group they impact thousands of lives. They SERVE in their communities and step out on that stage with love and confidence and the conviction that each one can make a difference. THIS is pageantry.

Its a sisterhood of women who do life and service together and celebrate each other’s achievements and know they will stand together when the last name is called.

They are smart,



and beautiful from the inside out!

They dont always compete because they want the crown. More often than not they compete because of what they will learn, the people they will meet and the impact belonging to a group of like minded women will have on their lives and those they seek to serve.

People look at a woman with a crown differently. They take them more seriously, listen more intently. The crown amplifies a woman’s voice. It gives her the ability to make a greater impact.

So here is the challenge Hollywood… Be the Good! Be the change you want to see in the world write a script that showcases the drama of women working for a dream and the impact they make along the way.

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