Pageant Weekend Tips

As “seasoned” pageant moms, we just wanted to offer some advice for pageant weekends. Whether you compete with us or another system these 8 tips can make your pageant weekend less stressful.

  1. PAGEANT BOOK – Pageant prep begins well before your pageant weekend. Keep a binder with copies of everything… Delegate handbook, forms, receipts, schedules and more should all have a place in your pageant book.
  2. SCHEDULE – If you get the schedule before hand print two copies. One, you highlight the optional competitions (if you are doing them) and all the required events. The other is your “OMG we lost the schedule” schedule and should be in your pageant book. We also recommend taking a screen shot or picture so you have a backup.
  3. HOTEL MAP – If you can get host hotel map, print two copies of that. One you will keep with you. The second should be in your pageant paperwork in your pageant book just in case. Again, we also recommend taking a screen shot or picture so you have a backup.
  4. SET ALARMS – With the schedule in mind, put it in your calendar or if you are like me, calendars. I put all the times in so we don’t have to keep referencing the schedule every 5 minutes. Set alarms or timer so you arrive 10-15 minutes before your next call time. Being early is a great way to let your nerves settle and get focused.
  5. ORGANIZE WARDROBE – Get your outfits together with everything and put accessories, shoes etc. in individual bags and hang on a hanger next to the outfit. This goes for mom too. This one tip can make or break your stress level.
  6. SCOPE IT OUT – When you get there, walk the venue and plan where you have to go. It makes it so much easier when rushing to your next stage call.
  7. ASK QUESTIONS – Don’t be afraid to ask. It’s not only a great way to make friends but it’s a way to connect with other pageant moms.
  8. BE A NO DRAMA MAMA – Lastly, and most important, do not get caught up in drama or negative attitudes! This is every delegate’s time to shine! Do not take that away from them or your child with any petty gossip.

Good luck to everyone! Let your pageant experiences be an opportunity to learn grow and make memories!

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